Friday, March 13, 2009

Public Displays of Affection in Restaurants

People go on dates, it is common knowledge that this is a frequent occurrence. It is also rather well known that people on dates tend to go out to restaurants. I understand that, I can respect that, and I enjoy going out to eat on a date myself. However, it would be very greatly appreciated if the public displays of affection during these restaurant dates could be downed down just a smidgen.

When out to dinner on a date, please realize that you are in a public location and people don't necessarily want to see you and your date with your hands all over each other. Some people like to sit on the same side of the table as each other, that's fine, but please don't do things under the people that other people can, unfortunately, see.

Not only does this behavior make other customers uncomfortable, but the staff as well. This kind of behavior may very easily make your service not quite as good as you may have hoped. Think about it, would you want to serve a couple of people who made you terribly uncomfortable? A personal example of PDA causing great discomfort for me is from one night when I was working as a seating hostess. There was one couple that was obviously very happy with each other. I could see that when they walked in and thought that they looked very sweet together and was happy for them. However, once they sat down they started making out! It was terribly awkward for those around them and I actually avoided walking by them. Once they had finished their meals they relocated to the restaurant lobby and continued there previous session only with more fervor and contact. I had to abandon my post as seating hostess and simply walk laps around the inside of the restaurant until they left.

Please, please, please enjoy your significant other, be attracted to them, pay close attention to them, but in the right amounts in the right place at the right time.


  1. I second that! People need to remember that when they are in a restaurant, usually the staff sees everything they do - and they will most definitely talk about it!

  2. I agree, PDA is very uncomfortable for everyone.