Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your Relationship With The Staff

When you walk into most sit-down restaurants, the first person that you will come across is the host or hostess. He or she should smile and greet you, then ask you how many people are in your party. If you think that anything about this person is cute, it will make them very happy if you keep that to yourself. Please don't respond to, "how many will be in your party tonight?" with "well one, but two if you want to come and join me." This is a very difficult situation for a host or hostess, some people are joking when they say this, others are not. In either situation, the employee is supposed to remain as polite and friendly as possible. Please don't put your host or hostess in this position.

The other thing that some customers do that makes everybody on the wait staff uncomfortable is encroaching too much on the host, hostess, or server's personal space. Getting too close to the restaurant employee makes him or her want to just take care of whatever he or she is responsible for done and then run away. Just because an employee is being friendly when you attempt to flirt, it does not mean that you are getting the okay to flirt some more.

If you are a natural flirt, I am not saying that it is necessary to not be yourself, but tone it down enough that the person you are interacting with is comfortable. Please be aware of how your words and body language affect the person who you are interacting with.


  1. Amen. Just because someone works in a public job does not mean that he or she gives up personal space. Perhaps it would be good to think, "How would I feel if this were my girlfriend or sister and someone did or said the things I'm doing/saying?"

  2. enjoyed reading this very much. I am going to make my buddies read this before we go out to eat again. Maybe this time they will not embarrass me. -BC